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To provide a camping experience for persons with developmental disabilities in an inclusive environment that embraces their recreational, emotional, physical, spiritual and relational needs.

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A sweet friendship refreshens the soul

Become a Camp Sunshine Counselor Today

Camp Sunshine would not be possible without the hundreds of volunteer counselors we rely on every summer to guarantee the careful attention and unique experience our special one-on-one program provides. We firmly believe that this intentional pairing encourages relationships that spark transformations in the lives of both campers and counselors.


Our unique format also provides counselors with very personal life experiences. Numerous counselors have credited Camp Sunshine with changing their lives in profound and unforgettable ways. While we exist primarily to serve campers, our incredible camp experience also impacts the lives of everyone who participates.

Year after year, we are overwhelmed by the eager, open-minded, gifted and amazing volunteers who commit to serve as camp counselors. 


Benefits of serving as a Camp Sunshine counselor:

  • Camp is a fun, amazing experience!

  • You will meet and work with incredible, wonderful people.

  • It’s great for strengthening bonds, building stronger teams, and developing new relationships.

  • It strengthens college applications, program letters of recommendation, and job applications.

  • It can fulfill volunteer and service hours for a variety of organizations.

  • You can see life through the eyes of a person with developmental disabilities.

  • You will feel the sacredness of being part of a group where everyone is loved and accepted “just the way they are.”

  • Many counselors return every year to experience the joy and excitement of Camp Sunshine.

Camp Blodgett


Session 1:

August 3- August 6

Session 2:

August 7- August 10




Session 1:

August 16- August 19

Session 2:

August 19- August 22


"The positive impact of the connection with the camper is a non-replaceable impact. The things we do here give an everlasting perspective on how to treat people and how to always love and respect no matter what."