We are profoundly grateful for the depth of financial and in-kind support that made Sunshine Everywhere possible. We worked very hard to meet the unique challenges of 2020, and with your help, we succeeded! THANK YOU! 


Donors like you make it possible for Camp Sunshine to be a “place where love needs no words.” For 2021, we’re planning a variety of joy-filled experiences informed by all we’ve learned this year and the advice of health professionals. With your support, we can make our programs and caring relationships available to as many campers as possible. 

Will you help us meet our ongoing mission goals and the needs of our cherished campers? 

I was able to reunite with a camper [I was paired with] a couple of years ago. [We] grew our friendship and we will now keep in touch as lifelong friends. If it wasn’t for Camp Sunshine, I would have never felt what it's like to be a part of such an amazing community of people who have shown me…never ending love and support.

Camp Sunshine is a place... 

where love needs no words.

-Hannah Gariepy, Counselor


Stories of

Below are stories and messages from the Sunshine Everywhere experience: 

  • "Jacob was overwhelmed with joy. I can’t even express how much it meant to him. He switched into his new shirt right away. He’ll be decorating his box this afternoon. He is already wearing his new glasses as he is going on a walk with his Grandma."

  • "Heather was squealing with delight when she opened her box."

  • "Noah has loved the activities and the music online. Thanks for all that you have done to make this summer memorable for campers and their families."

  • "Alex got his package and I played your voicemail message for him. He just loved it and he loves all of you. He really missed camp and all of the wonderful folks there. Thank you so much for the package. How thoughtful of you all."

  • "I want to say thank you to you and Camp Sunshine for making Kayla's summer brighter. She loved the Thursday Zoom meetings, her counselor's phone calls, and the weekly activities. Our family appreciates everything you and your staff did to make a difference in the lives of the campers you serve." 

  • "Camp Sunshine Staff, Thank you for the “Sunshine” box Erik received. He was so excited to have a new Camp Sunshine shirt and new markers along with the other amazing things. There was so much love shown by the zoom calls and packages."

  • "Liam loved this and felt very special that you all remembered him with this gift. We love the yard sign, too!"

  • "You and everyone associated with Camp Sunshine is beyond extraordinary! Thank you again for everything you do for our special kids. It truly is the highlight of Lance’s year!"

  • "[The Sunshine in a Box] experience was very effective. Michael is talking about seeing his Sunshine friends and is sooo excited about his You are Loved sign, shirt, and other box goodies. Thank you so much for the effect and tremendous amount of love that went into this event. [Our online] church service today was about love and Michael went and got his sign to show! Thanks for adding joy to his day."



Talent Show

Camp Sunshine


Over the years, the Camp Sunshine Talent Show has become one of the favorite events amongst campers, counselors, volunteers, and friends. Although we were not able to see our campers talents from the stage, we were able to host a virtual event and share their amazing talents. 

 Learn more about what we did this summer through our Sunshine Everywhere program.  

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