Lana Antvelink

Lana's Camp Sunshine Story

Our daughter, Lana Antvelink, attended Camp Sunshine from its beginning in 1983. For the next almost twenty years, once her birthday was over on March 6, she would begin the countdown until Camp Sunshine, which was usually held in August. She was once asked, “What is your favorite thing about Camp Sunshine?” She answered, “I can’t think of one thing because I like everything!”


As a camper, Lana enjoyed all the special times of crafts, singing, swimming and devotions. Every year there was also a special activity such as a petting zoo, horse rides, boat rides, and even an elephant ride. There is no time for boredom at Camp Sunshine.

When Lana was at camp, her parents knew that she was being cared for and loved by the staff and counselors who serve on a one to one ratio with each special camper. The Camp Sunshine volunteers are there because of their love for these special individuals. Lana was loved for who she was, her abilities were important; not her disability.

One of the highlights of her week was the Talent Show, when each camper could do what they liked best. Lana loved to dance…and she was free to dance without her mother there to inhibit her. As it became more difficult for her because of her heart problems, the staff would let her dance but would limit her time.

The Lord is present in each person there whether they are staff, counselor or camper. While it was held at Camp Geneva, Lana wrote that she went to Camp Geheaven…it was “heaven on Earth” to her, and continued to be as it moved to Camp Blodgett.

Praise God for Camp Sunshine!

Jim and Krys Antvelink

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