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So much to be thankful for

Updated: Mar 13, 2021

Twenty-twenty was not the year that any of us expected. Our events and experiences certainly looked different.

Despite the obstacles, it has been an amazing year. Most of all, the mission of CampSunshinea message of inclusivity and loveshone through.

Here are some of the highlights from 2020:

Sunshine Everywhere: The alternate camp experience called "Sunshine Everywhere" included planned activities and experiences throughout the summer including lessons, creative expressions, recreation, and entertainment. Download our re-cap brochure to see the impact that was made. 18th Annual Charity Golf Event: Instead of a one-day event, the 18th Annual Charity Golf Event took place over the course of the summer weeks. Many golfed in groups of two or four and worked their way around the course to support Camp Sunshine. Thank you, golfers! Camp Sunshine Online Auction: For the first time ever, Camp Sunshine held a virtual auction. Through multiple participants, we were able to raise more than $9,000 for Camp Sunshine. We look forward to hosting a virtual auction again in 2021. Talent Show Watch Party: The Camp Sunshine Talent Show is a highlight of every summer. Though we did not meet in person at camp, we were able to create a watch party experience where campers, families, and friends could watch the show safely from their own homes. No matter where we are, there is so much joy in celebrating the talent within our campers! You can watch the talent show here. Sunshine Holiday Sing-Along: Right before the holidays, some of our favorite Sunshine friends led a Sunshine Holiday Sing-Along. With over 40 participants, the holiday cheer was beautifully present. As we move into 2021, in spite of the unknowns, one thing is certain: We have so much to be thankful for.

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