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Careerline Tech Students Craft for Sunshine in a Box

Students at Careerline Tech Center put their hands to work to contribute to Sunshine in a Box. Their teacher, Tamara Meeusen, inspired them by sharing her story of connection to Camp Sunshine: her son is a camper and she has volunteered her nursing skills.

“My students are training to be certified phlebotomists in addition to other health-related skills,” Tamara explains. “They are juniors and seniors in high school. My curriculum requires seeking community service opportunities throughout the year, whether it is volunteering our time, fundraising, or providing supplies to a charity or population in need.”

Options for in-person service were limited by the pandemic at the close of the last school year, which made crafting a contribution to the Sunshine in a Box program an especially attractive option.

Together, the 37 students made almost 300 keychains beaded with a message of affirmation, and signed a personal note to accompany each one. “The students were very excited to be a part of this awesome opportunity,” Tamara says, and Camp Sunshine was very excited to welcome their unique gifts.

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