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Extra Safety Precautions for Camp Blodgett Sessions

As you may have heard, Camp Sunshine experienced an outbreak of Covid-19 during our first session at Camp Henry, which forced the cancellation of our second session at Camp Henry. This outbreak happened despite the protocols we had in place. In order to keep the Sunshine community safe, we have increased our safety measures for our two sessions at Camp Blodgett.

As originally stated, we are asking all vaccinated participants to show their proof of vaccination and booster shots by uploading to Camp Doc or showing proof at registration. If you’re not vaccinated, we highly encourage you to consider vaccination at this time.

As part of our new policy, we’re asking ALL Camp Sunshine participants (counselors, leadership, and campers, vaccinated or not) to also test negative for COVID-19 with a rapid test upon arrival to the Camp Blodgett campus. The Camp Sunshine team has worked closely with health advisors and our COVID-19 Task Force to create a plan that will help keep us all safe.

This updated policy removes the previous requirement that unvaccinated participants show negative test results from an official testing facility. If you’re not vaccinated, we highly encourage you to consider vaccination at this time.

In the days leading up to camp, the Camp Sunshine team is sharing details regarding the check-in testing process with campers, counselors, and families via email. All campers will receive a rapid-result Covid-19 test before they exit their vehicle; please watch your emails carefully for further instructions as plans come together!

If you have questions or concerns, we would love to discuss them with you!

We appreciate your patience and willingness to work together to create a safe environment for Camp Sunshine to move forward in this new reality!

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