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To the people behind the scenes

Updated: Mar 13, 2021

Hundreds of individuals support Camp Sunshine throughout the year. As we enter into spring, we shine some light on these people.

As the sun begins to light the way for spring, our hearts are warmed with the idea that summer is around the corner. As we imagine the fun ahead, we want to take a minute to reflect on those who are working behind the scenes to make Camp Sunshine a reality.

First, our year-round staff! A small team with big hearts, they are full of love and energy to build memorable experiences through Sunshine programs.

Second, our Board of Directors. Supporters of Camp Sunshine in multiple ways, they provide guidance, vision, and accountability to Camp Sunshine's mission.

Third, hundreds of volunteers give their time and resources every year. We are beyond thankful for volunteers, who are not only friends, they are family.

Fourth, those who make Camp Sunshine possible through their donations. Dedicated supporters give to Camp Sunshine year after year, in amounts small and large, through events, spontaneously, annually, and monthly.

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