There is joyful spirit about Camp Sunshine that is transformative for every person who participates. We promote through words and actions a culture that honors each person with total acceptance and unconditional love.


Since 1983, Camp Sunshine has offered people aged 12 to 50 with developmental disabilities summer camp experiences in a safe, caring, and inclusive environment. We offer four-day overnight camp sessions with activities designed to meet participants’ recreational, emotional, physical, spiritual, and relational needs. Uniquely, each camper is paired one-to-one with a volunteer counselor for their entire four days at camp. Camp Sunshine creates spaces for campers to feel included, learn from others, and grow in friendship. Within our programs, volunteers receive as much as they give and learn as much as they teach. Most of all, we have fun!


The pandemic spurred us to think creatively about how we can share the powerful culture of inclusion in spite of not being able safely to gather for overnight camp. We’ve developed programs that, through virtual connections, online events, Sunshine-in-a-box deliveries, and more, assure that our community is supported, included, and loved exactly as they are—and offer avenues for us to include others as well.


We invite you to become a part of the Camp Sunshine community as a camper, volunteer, counselor, or financial supporter. Know that you will receive as much as you give, and learn as much as you teach.


Join us in spreading and living the word that all are welcomed and loved for who they are.​

There is something sacred about being part of a group where everyone is loved and accepted

“just the way they are.”


Our Vision

To make the world outside of Camp Sunshine a more affirming and inclusive place by inspiring agents of change with transforming experiences and relationships.


Our Mission

To offer experiences that model and nurture a culture of inclusion, grace, and joy, through which people with and without disabilities can transcend barriers and value both their own gifts and the talents of others.


Our Team

An incredible team including year-round staff, a board of directors, and hundreds of passionate volunteers make Camp Sunshine possible. 

You can support us today!