our Team

Camp Sunshine has, from its beginning, been possible because of an army of volunteers, who've given of their time, inexhaustible energy, and many skills and talents to make our programs possible. Camp Sunshine has developed a small staff who design programs, assure resources, and coordinate the work of the many volunteers. 


       The sincere love felt amongst the Sunshine community is energizing, empowering, and brings more joy than I could ever imagine. 

Brie Richardson, Program Director

Board of Directors

The board of directors supports of Camp Sunshine by providing guidance, vision, and accountability to Camp Sunshine's mission.

Kris Doenges | President

Brant Haverdink | Vice President

Mike VanOmmen | Treasurer

Carla Blinkhorn | Director

Andi Dekker | Director

Julie DeShaw | Director

Lois Maassen | Director

D'Erika Nichols-Lewis | Director

Don VanOeveren | Director