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Camp Sunshine Launches One More Recruitment Campaign

Calling All Counselors: Win a Hammock

We've got exciting news - we're launching a volunteer counselor recruitment initiative called the One More Campaign to invite even MORE amazing counselors to Camp Sunshine this summer!

Here's how it works:

If you bring a friend to camp as a new counselor, you will receive an exclusive Camp Sunshine sticker. But wait, there's more! ADDITIONALLY, for every friend you bring, you'll be entered into a raffle to win a hammock for lounging lakeside. 

The catch? Your buddy actually has to show up to camp and serve as a counselor. No flaking allowed!

We know how passionate you are about Camp Sunshine, and we want to help equip you with all that you need to talk with your friends about joining this joyous community. Attached below is a kit to help you recruit your friends, feel free to screenshot pages and send it to them or use it as a resource guide.

As you well know, we always need more male counselors so please specifically ask your guy friends. Additionally, we have several open spots at Camp Henry but Camp Blodgett is filling up quickly!

Questions? Reach out to Mariah at Camp Sunshine!

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