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July is Disability Pride Month

July is Disability Pride month. Camp Sunshine is celebrating the gifts and abilities of the entire Sunshine community during the month of July, as well as the 32nd anniversary of the ratification of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Reflecting on our 2022 theme, "I AM, we ARE," we are learning again how we are united not only by our common humanity, but united with the whole of planet EARTH and everything within the EARTH.

This year we are celebrating who we are as individuals while being aware that we are never separate from others who shape who we are. “I am me” because of all the people, experiences, places, and history that have molded me. I AM because WE ARE! Pictured is the Disability Pride flag, designed by Ann Magill. The Black Field: this field is to represent the disabled people who have lost their lives due to not only their illness, but also negligence, suicide, and eugenics.

The Lightning Bolt: the shape of the lightning bolt represents the non-lateral lives that many disabled people live, often having to adapt themselves or their physical routes to get around an inaccessible society. The Colors: each color on this flag represents a different aspect of disability or impairment,

  • Blue: mental illness.

  • Yellow: cognitive and intellectual disabilities.

  • Green: sensory perception disabilities.

  • Red: physical disabilities.

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