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Thank You, Crazy Horse Steakhouse!

These days, it can feel like a dollar doesn't mean much. It doesn't stretch as far as it used to at the grocery store, and it doesn't put much gas in the tank. We're here to tell you: it still makes a difference!

On Tuesday, October 4, our friends at Crazy Horse Steakhouse and Saloon donated each dollar that's been pinned to their restaurant walls over the past few months. We unfolded each bill, read each sweet message, and totaled them up. Together, our community has supported Camp Sunshine with a gift of $4,288. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you!

And thank you for joining us, hearing the story of Camp, and supporting our mission: To offer experiences that model and nurture a culture of inclusion, grace, and joy, through which people with and without disabilities can transcend barriers and value both their own gifts and the talents of others.

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